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R. W. “Bob” Jones Trucking

A preeminient company built on a family legacy. We pride ourselves in continuing our legacy by helping our customers do the same.

Our Services

Equipment Repair

We’ll repair or refabricate any piece of equipment to whatever specifications you have.

Equipment Aquisition

Tell us your budget and requirements and we will aquire a piece of equipment on your behalf using our industry connections and expertise.


We’ll transport your equipment anywhere in the United States for a single affordable fee.

Equipment Sales

Equipment to meet your business needs gauranteed to be in whatever condition we list it as.

Let Us Find Equipment For You

Born to Solve A Problem

We’ve bought and used a wide variety of heavy equipment for decades, and in the process we learned that finding high-quality equipment that you can trust was just too difficult.

That’s why we started R.W. Jones Equipment Sales.

We always hated paying buyers fees, looking forever without finding what we needed, and buying something and finding out that it wasn’t what we paid for.

We’re committed to providing an easier, more transparent equipment buying process. We want to be the only place you have to look when you’re in the market for new machinery, and we know that providing an exceptional service and maintaining a high reputation is the only way to get there.


Years Established

Completed Projects

Built on Family Legacy

We’re proud of the legacy that our family has left in this business, and we’re committed to making sure we leave it even better for our children. You can do business with us with confidence, knowing that we will never risk our reputation of integrity in order to make a quick buck.

We have a 100 year track-record of being honest, straightforward, and transparent in business. We’re going to do everything we can to pass that same legacy on to the next generation.

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Let’s Build Something Together

Our mission is to continue our legacy by helping you continue yours. At the end of the day, it’s all about honoring our family and making our children proud.

Let us help you leave your own legacy.

How do I Place an Order?

Call us old fashioned but we like to talk to our customers instead of letting a machine do it. If you see an item that you're interested in, just give us a call. We're experts in buying and selling equipment and we'll make sure you're getting what you need and that we've properly arranged pickup or delivery to meet the needs of you and your business.

How do I know that I'm not getting a dud?

We inspect every piece of equipment before we even list it. We're not saying that every piece of equipment is in like-new condition, but we are promising that each item is in whatever condition we say that it is. We all know that mechanical failures are a part of life, but you can sleep easy at night knowing that your equipment underwent a thourough inspection before we gave you the keys.

Do you offer financing?

We don't currently offer in-house financing, but if getting the cash to pay for equipment is a concern, we'd be happy to direct you towards several different options.